quantity (g) Price (eur)
Mixed cold cuts (Caciotta, Pecorino, prosciutto San Daniele, rolled pancetta, pickled vegetables, marmalade) 100 12,50 / Person
Prosciutto 100 7,9
Prosciutto San Daniele 100 9,9
Rolled pancetta 100 8,3
Pancetta Cigoj 100 13,4
Chin Cigoj 100 11,3
Pata negra Cinco jotas pršut 50 21,9
Lardo Cigoj 50 9,9
Lardo Pata negra 50 8,9
Bear salami Biosing 20 13,6
Deer salami Biosing 20 12,6
 quantity (g)Price (eur)
Cheese mix15013,2
Kmetija Žerjav – Kraševc1009,9
Kmetija Žerjav – Sivc1009,9
Zidarich – Ground with pepper10010,5
Zidarich – Cave10011,2
Sheep cheese1008,3
Cow cheese1007,7
Parmiggiano Reggiano1009,9
Truffle cheese1009,7
 quantity (g)Price (eur)
Chef’s mix (baccala, octopus, liver patè, vitello tonnato, gamberi tartare) 15,50 / person
Baccala with dried black olive powder and Lisjak oil 9,8
Gamberi tartar with currant caviar, mustard seeds and olive-citrus dressing 13,5
Octopus salad with tomato juice, pistacchio and burrata cream, and dried meadow flowers 13,3
Sea bass carpaccio, spinach, raspberries, pepper mixture, citrus olive dressings, honey, salt flower (for two people) 16,5
Smoked beef tartar with black garlic butter and soy sauce, mustard seeds and egg yolk 14,5
Vitello tonnato with mini capers 12,5
Price (eur)
Fuži with truffles 22,9
Scampi tagliolini 18,9
Risotto with gamberi, mushrooms and chives 17,5
Squid risotto with fresh cherry tomatoes, parmesan and citrus olive oil 14
Homemade gnocchi, Istrian sausage and chicory 13,5
Spaghetti “al mare” with seafood 21
Busara mixed shellfish 18
 Cena (eur)
Fish plate9,3
Meat plate9,3
Daily salad3
 Cena (eur)
Daily soup5
 Price (eur)
Oven Octopus with seasonal vegetables, olives and polenta22,1
White fish fillet (Black cod, parrotfish, sea bass, sea bream monkfish) with lemon puree, roasted fennel and umami shellfish sauce21,9
Squid brodetto with roasted polenta and smoked lemon powder14
Fresh daily catch (farmed or wild fish) (depending on daily supply)70 – 80eur / kg
Slow cooked pork ribs, lemon puree, grilled carrots, shallot sauce, roasted hazelnuts16,5
Confited beef cheeks with roasted garlic ‘štruklji’ and herb sauce16
Roast chicken breast with butter sage sauce, homemade fried potatoes and sauteed vegetables14
Slow-cooked veal shank in the oven with tuberous vegetables and fried potatoes (2 persons)32,5 eur / kg
Beef steak with or without bone (dry aged 90 days), roast beef, ribeye), home-made fried potatoes, sauteed vegetables, black garlic butter and soy sauce7 – 9 eur / 100g
 Price (eur)
Roasted polenta4
Sauteed vegetables4
Home made fried potatoes4
Roasted garlic Štruklji and Tolmin cottage cheese5
Potato puree or lemon puree4
Puree with truffles7
 Price (eur)
Mixed salad3,5
Season salad4
 Price (eur)
Salted caramel affogato, cocoa chips and espresso4,5
Hazelnut brownie with chestnut honey and freshly grated truffles7,5
Apple crostata with hazelnut curd and apricot jam6
Salty chocolate souffle with fresh truffles and Baileys cream9,5
Crème Brûlée with cardamom, strawberry sorbet and fresh seasonal fruit6